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In Which Jess Fails At Food Blogging

Seriously, I suck at this!

Last week at some point I made Pomegranate Glazed Chicken, and it was okay.  Not great, and so apparently not worth posting about.  (The pomegranate syrup that I made to substitute for the pomegranate molasses I couldn’t find has made its way into a few cocktails and glasses of seltzer, however.  Nom nom nom.)

After that I made what was supposedly Fettucine With Parsley And Parmesan, but wound up being kind of a repeat of the Fettucine With Broccoli and Pine Nuts because I had both on hand and wanted something more substantial than just a bowl of pasta.

Today I went to the farmer’s market and bought really good turkey burgers from the turkey guys.  (As well as a bag of “parts” – mostly necks – that is currently simmering its way to stock in my slow cooker.)  I also bought a few parsnips and made the parsnip “fries” from this recipe.  This is one of my favorite sides and I always forget about it because who ever thinks to buy parsnips?  Fortunately, the farmer’s markets in the Northeast are still all about the apples and storage veggies, so the parsnips were looking pretty good.  Parsnip parsnip parsnip.  The word has lost all meaning.

Next week I’ll be returning to The Book once or twice, but as I said a couple of weeks ago, I’ve kind of reached the point where the remaining recipes just don’t look all that appetizing.  (Or healthy, for that matter.  Half the side dishes in this book are variations on mashed potatoes.  Do I really need a recipe for that?)

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Slacker Catch-up Post

I fell WAY behind last week, so this is a quickie catch-up post.

Shrimp Chalupas – yum!  Enjoyed by all.

Chiles Rellenos Casserole – let us never speak of it again

Sweet Potato Chili – not as good as a very similar chicken chili recipe I already have.  The sweet potatos were a nice touch.  Thumbs up from Dylan.

Ligurian Chicken – very nice, complete 1-pot meal.  Dylan enjoyed picking the bits of potato out of the potato-kale “filling.”

I’m reaching the point in the book where I’ve made almost all of the recipes I really really wanted to try, and am starting on the second tier.  We’ll see how it goes.

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Inaugural Lunch recipes

Departing from the strict theme of this blog for a moment to post this link to the 2009 Inaugural Luncheon menu and recipes.  I will be at work when the big moment arrives (and I doubt Cafe Metro will be serving pheasant), but in case anyone wants to recreate any portion of this menu, now’s your chance!

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Shiny new blog!

Who knows, maybe this one will actually stick?  As part of my attempt to eat better in 2009, I have decided to cook my way through The Whole Foods Cookbook.  This blog is a way to keep me honest, and also track my progress through the book.  I picked this book because it’s pretty much the only “health food” cookbook I own that’s not vegetarian.  While I do want to eat more vegetables in 2009 than I did in 2008, I don’t want to give up an entire class of food.  I want to improve my diet, not limit it.

I won’t be cooking my way through this book in any particular order, and I won’t be cooking everything in it.  I’m not really much of a dessert person, and there’s also an entire chapter on beverages.  I also won’t be cooking exclusively from this book, as there are only 350 recipes in here and 365 days in a year.  And I started early.  And some of the recipes are sauces that are really just parts of other recipes.  And some of them are side dishes.  You get the idea.

Yesterday I started the project by making Green Chili Pistachio Mole Enchiladas.  As I hadn’t even added WordPress to this domain yet, I completely spaced on taking any pictures.  But the enchiladas turned out pretty delicious, and DH and I ate them all up.

In addition to starting the Whole Foods Cookbook Project, this week was also a “waste nothing” week for me – on Monday I slow-cooked a chicken with leeks, carrots, and a frackload of garlic.  We had that for dinner with a green salad.  Tuesday I ate out with friends.  Wednesday I turned half the chicken into a tetrazini.  Thursday I turned the rest of it into these enchiladas.  Today I used the concentrated stock in a polenta.  That’s a lot of runway for one little chicken.  Woot!

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