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Turkey Burgers with Mint-Yogurt Sauce

This is a Cooking Club of America recipe, and seriously lives up to the hype.  Even if you make these with ground turkey breast (fat free but also flavor free) they’ll still turn out pretty darn good.  I make them more or less according to the recipe except for the part where I never measure anything and tend to assume that any recipe calling for fewer than 4 cloves of garlic must be a typo.  (Oh, and I always make a double recipe since ground meat is generally sold in 1 lb packages and not 8 oz.  Seriously cooking magazines, STOP DOING THIS.  It’s like when pasta recipes call for 12 oz of dry pasta.  Have you ever seen a box of pasta that wasn’t 16 oz?  Frell that, I’m cooking the whole box and will have extra SO THERE.  See also: recipes that call for chopped onions by the cup rather than the number of onions.  Pet peeves, I haz them.)

Ahem.  Anyway, you can find the recipe for these here

Dylan looking at turkey burgers

"If I eat all my tater tots, can I have more tater tots?"

Dylan Report: He ate 1/4 of a burger and roughly his own weight in tater tots and ketchup.  Those are vegetables, right?  (I didn’t even bother serving him any of the mint-yogurt sauce, as I know from experience that he will not eat anything with raw garlic in it.)

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Spanish Chicken With Sweet Peppers

This recipe comes from Cooking Pleasures magazine, and was almost there.  It needed either a hint more richness (I certainly could have reduced the sauce more) or some spice (crushed red chiles, or maybe mustard?) or something.  Maybe a little lemon juice at the end to brighten it up?

Anyway, it was still pretty good, just missing something.  Good enough to make again and figure that out. Read the rest of this entry »


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Double-Chocolate Banana Bread

This comes from Cooking Pleasures magazine, and is my current favorite way to use up overripe bananas.  The recipe is for 1 loaf, I usually double it. Read the rest of this entry »

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