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Lunchbox: Almond butter & jelly; dried apricots; crackers; Honey Nut Cheerios; chicken sausage

The apricots and crackers are leftovers from today’s lunch, the sandwich is almond butter because the little girl we nanny-share with is allergic to peanuts.  It’s in the shape of a D and a star.


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Pizza night!


Did I mention this week was all about the quick and easy?  I love pizza night because Dylan loves to help make it, and it’s a super-easy way to get him to eat veggies.  I told him what we had in the fridge and said that the only rule for what to put on this pizza is there had to be two vegetables on it.  He picked broccoli, mushrooms, and scallions.  (Also pepperoni and cheese.  Here’s a hint to avoid having to pat down the grease off your pizza – use turkey pepperoni.  It tastes exactly the same as the pork stuff.)

Dylan menu: pizza, milk, peach yogurt

Aeryn menu: cheerios, peach yogurt, formula


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