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Lunch Box: Pizza sandwich; granola bar; carrot sticks

Half-day pre-K in NYC starts with 2 hourlong days with only half the class present (half the class comes in from 12:30-1:30, the other half from 1:50-2:50) and the parents staying in the room.  This means that even though Dylan sort of started school last week, tomorrow is his first day bringing lunch to school.

Pizza sandwich, granola bar, carrot sticks

Pizza sandwich, granola bar, carrot sticks

Pizza sandwich (whole wheat english muffin, pizza sauce, mozzarella, sandwich-size pepperoni), granola bar (from Smitten Kitchen‘s recipe), and carrot sticks with ketchup. ¬† (Putting the dip in with the dippers instead of sending a separate container is a brilliant idea I got either from ParentHacks or The Kitchn – my Google-fu is weak at the moment.)

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