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Lunch Box Tech Rehearsal: Chicken sausage chunks,cheese squares, edamame, pb&j shapes

We spent most of today at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and since their museum cafe is one of the worst places in the known universe to get food, I packed lunches for all of us.  Which meant that Dylan got to test-drive his new lunchbox!

My inspiration for all things packed-lunch related come from Wendolonia, who packs the most beautiful bento lunchboxes I know of.  Mine aren’t nearly as pretty as hers, but I do get a lot of “oh hey, not just a sandwich!” ideas from reading her blog.

PB&J shapes; edamame; chicken sausage; cheese

PB&J shapes; edamame; chicken sausage; cheese

I also recently splurged on Amazon and bought this enormous set of cookie cutters so I could cut sandwiches into interesting shapes (that would also make them fit into this surprisingly narrow lunchbox).

So today’s lunch was one peanut butter & jelly sandwich cut into shapes (two stars, one 4 and one D), a little container of edamame, and a little container with some cut-up chunks of chicken-apple sausage and cheddar cheese.  And a water bottle.

Everything was a hit (“Oh, edamame my favorite green vegetable!  Oh, my sandwich is shaped like a STAR!)”, except that we were at the museum with a friend of his, and together they were too distracted to eat much of anything.  So out of this spread, we came home with most of it except for the pb&j, which was eaten because, dude, SHAPED LIKE A STAR.  (The sandwich shape thing…I’m so conflicted.  On the one hand, kids really do love things in fun shapes.  On the other hand, it wastes so much of the sandwich.  On the other other hand, how much of the wasted sandwich would have been eaten anyway?)

Tomorrow is Day One of packing a lunchbox to take to school.  Hopefully I’ll remember to take a picture tonight.

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Miso-hoisin spaghetti with eggplant and green beans

This is a variation on this recipe I found on Serious Eats a few weeks ago and fell head over heels in love with.  The sauce can be used for a dish like this, over pasta, or for a terrific chicken/pork/shrimp marinade.  And since the ingredients are all things that last basically forever in your fridge (miso, hoisin, and chili-garlic sauce), this can be whipped up at the last minute when you realize that it’s the end of the week and your pantry is down to half an eggplant, some green beans, and half a box of spaghetti.

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