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Chicken Pot Pie Dumplings

These come from No Whine With Dinner, a cookbook that has seriously proved its value.  Not everything from this book has been a home run, but there have been far more hits than misses, and for the most part it’s been kid-friendly without being bland or over-salted.  (We shall not speak of the horror that was the Smiley Face Casserole.  Nor shall we ever make that one again.)

These were tasty and adorable – chicken pot pie filling in egg roll wrappers baked in muffin tins.  I think I’ll keep the concept in mind and make pizza or taco dumplings next.

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Braised Lentils w/ Kielbasa

I have no idea where this recipe came from – it’s been in my box of “recipes from magazines I’ve taped to index cards” box for ages.  Cooking Light, possibly, judging by the font.  Points in its favor include short active cooking time (less than 20 minutes) and hearty flavors for the abysmal weather we’ve been having.  Points against it include Freshdirect not reliably carrying turkey kielbasa, thus necessitating a trip to Foodtown (where impulse purchases were made, totally blowing my weekly food budget).

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I’ve given the wrong URL for Insomnibake twice now – it’s *really* at

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Pepper Chicken with Hummus

Tonight’s dinner was a repeat – here’s a link back to the recipe from a post in 2009.

Turns out it’s just as good when you forget to buy the cubanelle peppers!

Dylan report: He loves hummus and pita bread, and grudgingly ate one piece of chicken (after declaring the other one on his plate “too crispy”) and one piece of each color pepper.


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Pad Thai

No longer cooking my way through the Whole Foods Cookbook – going forward this blog will be simply a record of “dinner last night” when I remember to update with pictures.  I will try to continue the theme of “did my kids like this?”  (Kids meaning only Dylan at the moment, and Aeryn in about a year when she’s eating real food.)

This recipe comes from “Honga’s Lotus Petal” which was a gift from my sister (over at Insomnibake – check her out!).  Had I not been wrangling a hyper 3.5 year-old and an end-of-day-cranky baby at the time, this probably would have come together in under 30 minutes.  Extenuating circumstances being what they were, it took about an hour.

For the more exotic ingredients (okay, mainly the dried shrimp), you may need to seek out an Asian grocery store.  I took the bus down to Great Wall in Sunset Park for the dried shrimp and mung bean sprouts – everything else was easily obtained at a regular American grocery store.  (Tamarind paste might be the other hard to find one on this list, but it all depends on where you live.  In my neighborhood, tamarind is about as exotic as parsley.)

If you don’t have easy access to an Asian grocery store, shrimp paste or maybe even anchovy paste would be a pretty good substitute.  Or you could just skip it and add a little extra fish sauce.

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Holy crap, it’s been 2 and a half WEEKS YEARS????  I am officially the laziest food blogger EVER.

In my defense…I’m pretty sure nobody reads this anyway.  In case there are any readers left, did you know my sister also has a food blog?  Check out Insomnibake.  She’s awesome.

Someday I shall update properly again.  Hey, remember when I posted in 2009 that Dylan hates feta cheese and olives?  Apparently we’re past that phase – last night he happily ate a “Greek” chicken stew over orzo that included both.  Score one for maturing taste buds!

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