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Spaghetti Zucchini Pie

Yet another recipe from No Whine With Dinner – I’m on a roll, what can I say.  Actually what happened was we’d originally planned on leftovers tonight, but then I couldn’t schedule the groceries to be delivered tomorrow morning like I wanted (note to self, just reserve the damn timeslot already) so I had to push everything for next week over one day, and then yesterday I was flipping through the book looking for the chicken stew for last night and I saw this recipe and was like “dude, I already have most of these things!” so I decided to add in another meal this week instead of trying to stretch the leftovers an extra day.


  • As with everything, I messed with the proportions and made a few other changes, so what’s below doesn’t match what’s in the book, should anyone be inspired to buy it based on my cooking.  (Ok, in the grand scheme of things I didn’t change all that much.  I doubled the zucchini, made my own pasta sauce, used fresh basil instead of dried.  And probably upped the cheese, though I couldn’t say by how much since I didn’t measure it.) Read the rest of this entry »

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