Holy crap, it’s been 2 and a half WEEKS YEARS????  I am officially the laziest food blogger EVER.

In my defense…I’m pretty sure nobody reads this anyway.  In case there are any readers left, did you know my sister also has a food blog?  Check out Insomnibake.  She’s awesome.

Someday I shall update properly again.  Hey, remember when I posted in 2009 that Dylan hates feta cheese and olives?  Apparently we’re past that phase – last night he happily ate a “Greek” chicken stew over orzo that included both.  Score one for maturing taste buds!

  1. #1 by Cass on February 4, 2011 - 12:09 am

    I actually do read when you update. Reading about cooking, talking about cooking and talking about Trader Joe’s gets me doing things like, oh, cooking. And happily even.

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