Potato-chip Crusted Fish Bites

These were made just for Dylan.

dscn3989The fish is tilapia, though almost any fish would do.  You could even use salmon or tuna if your toddler will eat fish that’s not white.

The crust is a combination of crushed potato chips (and while I wouldn’t waste money on a super high-end fish for this, I do recommend shelling out for some gourmet chips because they tend to have a higher ratio of potato to salt), panko, black pepper, and dried or fresh parsley.  You could also add any other herbs your child happens to like.

Cut the fish into bite-sized cubes.  Dredge in flour, then egg, then crust, and fry in veg or olive oil until nicely golden browned.  These freeze well, so go ahead and make a big batch.  You can defrost them in the toaster oven three at a time for your two-year old at mealtime.  (You don’t have a toaster oven??  How do you LIVE????)


Oh, the couscous!  Dylan loves Israeli couscous, and so do I. It’s delicious and cooks faster than rice or pasta, and is just a little bit sticky which is nice if you happen to not be very good with a fork just yet.  I like to make mine with homemade chicken stock and a little curry powder.  YUM.

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