Taco Salad


Seriously, for the taco salad recipe just click here. The only thing even remotely special about it is the cilantro-lime dressing, which is Teh Yum.

I’m mainly posting to brag about how I ground my own beef for the chili WITH MY OWN MEAT GRINDER that I got at Target. It’s the KitchenAid “food grinder attachment” (because you could also use it to grind…vegetables?) and it works pretty well.  I put the meat through twice because I read somewhere that you’re supposed to do that (no, not Sweeney Todd…okay, not ONLY Sweeney Todd…) and the second time through the fat got kind of stringy and I had to take the whole thing apart to detangle it.  Maybe I should have used the disc with the smaller holes?

Anyway.  The point is, FEAR ME, FOR I HAVE A MEAT GRINDER NOW.

I think the last time I got this excited about a kitchen gadget was my first microplane grater.  I just wanted to zest everything in sight.


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