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Turkey Picatta Florentine

I didn’t expect much of this one going in, but it turned out to be really tasty! I think next time I’ll make the “batter” in the food processor. It won’t be quite as pretty without the flecks of spinach in the crust, but it will adhere better to the cutlets.

This can be made with chicken or turkey (or veal or pork or seitan, really). I didn’t feel like pounding my own cutlets, so I went for the precut turkey. This recipe makes enough batter to coat about 1 lb of meat, but you can easily halve it to make less. (To reduce it further, you could always use an egg substitute, but a half recipe will feed 2 people if you have a side starch and a salad to go with it.) Read the rest of this entry »


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Taco Salad


Seriously, for the taco salad recipe just click here. The only thing even remotely special about it is the cilantro-lime dressing, which is Teh Yum.

I’m mainly posting to brag about how I ground my own beef for the chili WITH MY OWN MEAT GRINDER that I got at Target. It’s the KitchenAid “food grinder attachment” (because you could also use it to grind…vegetables?) and it works pretty well.  I put the meat through twice because I read somewhere that you’re supposed to do that (no, not Sweeney Todd…okay, not ONLY Sweeney Todd…) and the second time through the fat got kind of stringy and I had to take the whole thing apart to detangle it.  Maybe I should have used the disc with the smaller holes?

Anyway.  The point is, FEAR ME, FOR I HAVE A MEAT GRINDER NOW.

I think the last time I got this excited about a kitchen gadget was my first microplane grater.  I just wanted to zest everything in sight.


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