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Chicken Toscana / Creamed Spinach

I’ll start with the creamed spinach, since I made that one first.  This is a very standard recipe with the very welcome additions of leeks and arugula. I used fresh baby spinach, but frozen would work almost as well.

In a saucepan or skillet with high sides, heat 1 tbsp each of olive oil and butter.  Add 1 chopped cleaned leek and saute until softened.  (The recipe says not to let it brown, but I really wouldn’t worry about it too much.  A slightly caramelized leek is no bad thing.) Add 10 oz (1 bag) fresh chopped spinach and 2-4 cloves chopped or pressed garlic.  Saute until wilted.  Add 1 tbsp flour, stir to evenly combine.  Add (slowly) 1/2 cup milk or cream, stirring constantly.  Continue to cook over med-low heat until slightly thickened.  Add arugula and season with salt and pepper.

It’s probably worth mentioning that the original recipe called for a full cup of cream, but I stopped after 1/2 because it looked plenty creamy already, and I didn’t want to water it down.

The chicken was equally easy and also delicious.  The key is the herb marinade that it sits in overnight – once those flavors have worked their way in, there’s almost nothing left to do but heat and eat. Read the rest of this entry »


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