Dylan Report: Thai Green Curry Chicken

I didn’t really expect to be doing a Dylan Report for this dish because green curries are usually much spicier than this one turned out to be.  But I decided it was worth a shot and offered him a small bite of the sweet potato.  He liked it and asked for more, so I heated some up in a bowl for him and called it dinner.  No rice because (a) we were all out, (b) he gets is everywhere but in his mouth, and (c) it’s not like his diet is otherwise lacking in carbs.  (Not to mention (d) sweet potatos are pretty darn starchy on their own.)  The chicken had gotten a little tough overnight, so I only gave him a tiny bit of that – his bowl was mostly sweet potato with one or two pieces of tomato thrown in.

Wow.  BIG hit.  I try not to be one of those people who only gives kids “kid food” but I was honestly shocked here.  He happily ate the whole bowl chanting “curry!  curry!” the whole time.  Note to self, kids weird.


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