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Shiny new blog!

Who knows, maybe this one will actually stick?  As part of my attempt to eat better in 2009, I have decided to cook my way through The Whole Foods Cookbook.  This blog is a way to keep me honest, and also track my progress through the book.  I picked this book because it’s pretty much the only “health food” cookbook I own that’s not vegetarian.  While I do want to eat more vegetables in 2009 than I did in 2008, I don’t want to give up an entire class of food.  I want to improve my diet, not limit it.

I won’t be cooking my way through this book in any particular order, and I won’t be cooking everything in it.  I’m not really much of a dessert person, and there’s also an entire chapter on beverages.  I also won’t be cooking exclusively from this book, as there are only 350 recipes in here and 365 days in a year.  And I started early.  And some of the recipes are sauces that are really just parts of other recipes.  And some of them are side dishes.  You get the idea.

Yesterday I started the project by making Green Chili Pistachio Mole Enchiladas.  As I hadn’t even added WordPress to this domain yet, I completely spaced on taking any pictures.  But the enchiladas turned out pretty delicious, and DH and I ate them all up.

In addition to starting the Whole Foods Cookbook Project, this week was also a “waste nothing” week for me – on Monday I slow-cooked a chicken with leeks, carrots, and a frackload of garlic.  We had that for dinner with a green salad.  Tuesday I ate out with friends.  Wednesday I turned half the chicken into a tetrazini.  Thursday I turned the rest of it into these enchiladas.  Today I used the concentrated stock in a polenta.  That’s a lot of runway for one little chicken.  Woot!

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