The Dylan Report

Dylan is my 18-month old son, and because his dinnertime is currently much earlier than the dinnertime of the adults in the household, he generally eats leftovers from the night before.  (Unless it’s something that doesn’t generate leftovers, or is really spicy, or requires molars.)  This is the first of many chances he will have to review the recipes from this project.

Dylan Report: Veggie NightSavory Tomato Pesto Polenta

Verdict: YUM!  Dylan enjoys both pestos (though he finds the quantity of raw garlic in the basil pesto a little overwhelming on the tongue) and wolfed down all the polenta on his plate.  A solid success.

Tuscan Vegetable Saute

Verdict: Mixed.  Dylan enjoyed both the eating and the saying of the word “zucchini,” as well as the chick peas (no surprise, since his favorite food is hummus).  These elements were eaten heartily with interjections of “kini!” and “bean!” as appropriate.  The bell peppers were sampled but not fully embraced, and the tomatoes and onions were ignored entirely.

Final Verdict:  Thumbs up.  The veggies weren’t a total knockout hit, but he liked about half of what was on the plate and I bet he’d come around to the peppers eventually.  Maybe tomorrow night he can have them over pasta with some parmesan cheese.  Everything tastes better with cheese.

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